Ideas for upcoming blog posts

In the interests of prompting myself to publish more and to provide some transparency into what rambles through my head as ideas, here are some ideas for upcoming posts:

  • Aligning IA with traditional architecture
  • Aspect orientation and IxD
  • Using UML with IA and IxD
  • Why IAs should understand relational theory and database design
  • Everyday taxonomies
  • Why worry about taxonomies? What are taxonomies?
  • Why worry about classification, cataloging, and citation? What are they anyway?
  • “Proving” IxD with UI automation tools
  • Paper documentation vs. interactive prototypes
  • Extending and improving JJG‘s IA/IxD visual vocabulary
  • Managing libraries of IA and IxD deliverables
  • Essential use cases & aspect orientation for the practicing IA
  • More adventures with btrfs and zfs
  • Thoughts on building a DIY audiophile music server
  • … ?