A fresh start

Published 2010-07-11, by John

What does a web architect do when he doesn’t have a vanity site of his own? Why, start a new blog, of course 🙂

Realizing that I’m at a disadvantage in my job search by not having a good single point of portfolio reference, while simultaneously being at such a level where typical portfolios may not work or be of sufficient explanation, I thought I’d try something: create and manage a blog focused on using the breadth and depth of my skills to report, analyze, and brainstorm. This will be non-traditional, but should be an interesting and hopefully beneficial experience.

It will also give me a single, focused place to collect these thoughts, free of distractions of other topics and personal diatribes — those are best left to the personal realms. For my professional persona, this is the place.

So, all that said, here’s a somewhat official MISSION STATEMENT:

The MISSION of this blog is to act as an ever-changing, continuously authored and edited portfolio of professional ideas and interests related to Web architecture, design, user experience, and information architecture. Articles and entries posted to this blog may include brainstorming, reviews, analysis of sites, revisitations of previous ideas/ideals, collections of (markup, design and architecture) idioms, etc. All such articles and entries are hereby placed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.