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DIY Home NAS Adventures

Published 2016-12-11

I’ve been wanting to build my own NAS for some time now. My home network has become littered with various hard drive enclosures in various RAID setups attached to various computing boxen by various connection protocols, and I only foresee it becoming more so unless I do something about it. And the prebuilt boxen offered by Synology, QNAP, Drobo, etc. don’t offer the flexibility and defenses against bit-rot that I require.


Setting up the RTC on an ODROID C2 running Arch Linux

Published 2016-12-08

The Hardkernel wiki page for the ODROID C2 RTC shield is mostly specific to Ubuntu and Android. Here’s a quick update if you’re using Arch Linux ARM. Install community/dtc to get fdtput. sudo pacman -S dtc Enable the RTC shield in the device tree. NOTE that this should all be on one line as one command. sudo fdtput -t s /boot/dtbs/meson64_odroidc2.dtb \ /i2c@c1108500/pcf8563@51 status "okay" Load the Amlogic i2c kernel module.


Goodbye, ZFS; Hello, btrfs…

Published 2013-10-04

(subtitled: …At least for now.) I’m a huge enthusiast when it comes to ZFS. But recent issues and concerns with it have caused me to abandon it (at least for now) in favor of using btrfs for some of my critical data. For the last several months, I’ve used the Greenbytes/ZEVO community version of ZFS on my Macs. I served up a music library in RAID10 from a Mac Mini attached to my living room stereo, and have my photos in RAID10 attached to an iMac in my home office.


SMB/CIFS Sharing from OS X to Linux

Published 2013-03-26

I ran into issues recently trying to share files from OS X (Mountain Lion, 10.8.3) to Linux (Ubuntu Server 12.10) using SMB/CIFS. I couldn’t get the basic mount commands or /etc/fstab settings to work on Linux; these continually returned a cryptic error message “Invalid argument” and associated error code of -22. Trying different combinations of mount options from the few relevant up-front Google results I could find didn’t fix the issue.