Hi, I'm JP.

Information Architect + UX Designer + Developer.

Problem solver. Craftsman. Polymath.

Work status
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Photo of JP sitting on his couch with pups: Gracie (yawning) and Pearl
JP (smiling) & Gracie (yawning) with Gracie's cousin, Pearl
—Photo by GuyJr

A little about me

  • 24+ years of digital creative experience as an individual contributor, team lead, and manager, as:
    • information architect (IA)
    • interaction designer (IxD)
    • user experience (UX) designer
    • usability and accessibility specialist
  • 5+ years as a software developer/engineer, working on desktop and embedded applications.
  • I continue to keep up my development skills where possible, because I enjoy it and I strongly believe in craftsmanship—part of which I define as we should be able to build what we design.
  • I enjoy and prefer designing and building complete solutions, working end-to-end on a project.
  • I adapt quickly to new challenges, domains, and opportunities. My education and experience required me to do so: picking up new tools and technologies while solving nuanced and difficult problems.
  • I've worked for small, medium, and large companies—local, national, and international—in a variety of domains:
    • embedded technology
    • telecommunications
    • agricultural technology
    • Linux/OS services
    • custom construction
    • consulting

More about me professionally and personally

Recent Experience

  • Company & years
    Role & dates
    UX Mentor/Coach (March 2023–present)
    Providing continuing education and skills transfer training for candidates changing careers into the UX field.
  • Company & years
    Canines & Corvids LLC
    Role & dates
    Owner (November 2020–present)
    Providing freelance design and full-stack development services for small companies. Currently building a full-stack web application in .NET for a local business analytics company.
  • Company & years
    att.com Digital Experience
    Role & dates
    • Lead UX Designer (August 2014–October 2020)
    • Associate Director of Web Design (June 2014–August 2014)
    • Information Architect/UX Designer (August 2010–June 2014)
    Designed, led, and managed various UX efforts across myAT&T, AT&T's online account management system serving its 230+ million customers. Spearheaded numerous internal projects to improve site-wide navigation and taxonomy, and improved identification and archiving of project documentation.


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Degree earned
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
System software (programming languages & operating systems), telecommunications & networking, computer graphics, engineering psychology/human factors

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