Hi, I'm JP.

Information Architect
+ UX Designer
+ Developer
= Experienced, End-to-End Problem Solver.

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JP (smiling) & Gracie (yawning) with Gracie's cousin, Pearl.
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My skills-to-value pillars


I started my professional career when the Web was in its infancy, exploring early Web technology along with my hands-on coursework at Georgia Tech. After graduation, I developed tools for computer-based training, then joined a local engineering firm working on first-gen home banking software before creating early rapid application development tools for custom embedded systems.

When I switched careers to information architecture and UX design, development remained part of my overall design process and toolbox—I use it to communicate design with developers, to clarify and build features and flows, and to explore and prototype designs for review and testing. Plus, I enjoy developing and building ideas to fruition.

Information architecture

I pivoted from development to information architecture in 2000, landing an opportunity to flex both my creative and analytical hemispheres professionally. My first project was a large-scale web application for the custom construction industry, where I worked closely with talented application architects, business analysts, project managers, and the client to architect the app experience and design usable interactions. Because of our small team structure, I was able to see the project almost end-to-end from ideation to design to development, almost to delivery.

Today I apply information architecture to knowledge and document management, and to catalog and classify information appropriately—internally to the team, to the company, and to projects in navigation design, sitemaps, and taxonomies.

UX design

When information architecture broadened to user experience design, I embraced it. UX design plays into my ability to see a project/product end-to-end, taking into account customer journeys, omnichannel engagement, and task analysis to design and create a cohesive, usable, accessible whole.

As a UX designer, collaboration with teammates, stakeholders, and users is essential, and I've championed that on my projects to drive success. UX design allows me to bring my development and my information architecture backgrounds into the mix, to advocate for the user and to communicate effectively with developers, creating a delightful and successful product.

More about me

Recent experience

  • Role & dates
    Freelance UX Mentor/Coach (March 2023–present)
    Providing continuing education and skills transfer training for candidates changing careers into the UX field.
  • Role & dates
    Freelance UX + Dev (November 2020–present)
    Providing freelance design and full-stack development services for small companies. Built a full-stack internal web application on a Microsoft and .NET Core technology stack for Northcraft Analytics, a business analytics company, to track business intelligence data migrations and client queries, with the possibility of the application becoming a product.
  • Role & dates
    Lead UX Designer (August 2010–October 2020)
    Company & years
    AT&T | att.com Digital Experience
    Designed, led, and managed various UX efforts across myAT&T, AT&T's online account management system serving its 230+ million customers. Spearheaded numerous internal projects to improve site-wide navigation and taxonomy, and improved identification and archiving of project documentation.


Georgia Institute of Technology
Degree earned
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
System software (programming languages & operating systems), telecommunications & networking, computer graphics, engineering psychology/human factors

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