A little about me.


  • 24+ years of digital creative experience as an individual contributor, team lead, and manager, as:
    • information architect (IA)
    • interaction designer (IxD)
    • user experience (UX) designer
    • usability and accessibility specialist
  • 5+ years as a software developer/engineer, working on desktop and embedded applications.
  • I continue to keep up my development skills where possible, because I enjoy it and I strongly believe in craftsmanship—part of which I define as we should be able to build what we design.
  • I enjoy and prefer designing and building complete solutions, working end-to-end on a project.
  • I adapt quickly to new challenges, domains, and opportunities. My education and experience required me to do so: picking up new tools and technologies while solving nuanced and difficult problems.
  • I've worked for small, medium, and large companies—local, national, and international—in a variety of domains:
    • embedded technology
    • telecommunications
    • agricultural technology
    • Linux/OS services
    • custom construction
    • consulting
  • At home, I'm an avid system administrator for local and remote Linux servers and networks, and can administer macOS and some Windows boxen.

Past professional memberships


  • My pronouns are he/him.
  • My rescue pups Gracie [2008–2023] and Boone are my everything ❤️
  • My hobbies include:
    • music, primarily collecting
    • linguistics, including past studies in Latin, German, and Japanese
    • programming languages
    • knot tying—past IGKT member
    • writing
    • photography (digital and film), and photo developing
    • modern art and art history
    • current events and international news

Volunteering and charity work